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OH MAN I SUCK. I was going to post this yesterday for Free Comic Book Day, buuut after sketching/handing out comics all day at my local shop, I pretty much crashed as soon as I got home.
But I was overwhelmed with the positive reception I got to the preview of this comic I posted a few weeks ago, as well as how excited people have been to buy copies at cons since then. So now, as promised, is my original comic MARKED in its entirety :D Thanks for waiting for it, and I hope you’re satisfied with the ending!

  • Track Name

    夕景イエスタデイ (Full Mix)

  • Album

    メカクシティアクターズ  005

  • Artist

    じん ft. LiSA

Mekakucity Actors Set 005 arrived (so did set 4, but someones already posted kagerou daze…)

Song included was…


Yuukei Yesterday!!!!

Jin ft. LiSA

let me know if you want the Instrumental version uploaded :D(it’s really cool actually, ALL THE TRUMPETS!!! (Hoenn Bound))

EDIT: Instrumental version here!!!!

Blindfold Code Full Mix Here!!!

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